My Firewall warned me, that Nemp tries to go online. Why?

Nemp uses different web services. All online queries are Opt-In, so if Nemp want something to do in the internet, have have given your permission to do this before. This is want Nemp does online:

  • Searching for updates. Nemp checkes regulary for Updates on my website You can stop that through "Settings > General settings"
  • Scrobbeln. Nemp can scrobble your playlist to LastFM. When scrobbling is active, there will be a scrobbler.png in the main window. Click on this logo, and you can stop this.
  • Downloading cover art for player and coverflow. When Nemp can't find a cover for your tracks, Nemp can try to download it from LastFM. Stop it via "Settings > Player and Cover".  
  • Playing webradio. Obvious, right?
  • Sending data through the webserver. If the Nemp webserver is active, click on the webserver symbol webserver, to stop it.
  • Searhing for lyrics on If you don't want this, just don't use this feature.
  • Searching for additional tags for the tag cloud on LastFM. These tags describes the tracks more accurately tha just "Artist-Title-Album-Genre". Common used tracks are "singer-songwriter", "female fronted metal" , "male vocalists",... If you don't like this, don't use this feature.
  • Determine your IP address. If you want to grant access to your library from outside your local network, your friends need to know your current IP address. Nemp uses a php-script on for this purpose. However, amy other method will do it also.

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