What does the "Nemp Webserver" do?

In short: The Nemp Webserver publishes all your files on the internet, so everybody can download your songs.

(Ok, you probably don't want this because of copyright issues, so read the rest...)

The main idea was, to control Nemp via a mobile device. I was sitting outside on a little garden party, the PC running Nemp was inside. To change the playlist, somebody hat to walk in. So I thought: "Hey, why can't I do this with my phone?"

The Nemp Webserver works just as a HTTP server. You just need a mobile phone with a webbrowser. Than you can do the following

  • Display and download the current track
  • Control the player (Play/Pause/Next track)
  • Display of the playlist, select any track to play
  • Searchin in the media library
  • Adding tracks from the library into the playlist
  • Downloading tracks from the playlist

Some of these features can be deactivated, if you don't like them.

To access the Nemp Webserver, just type the IP address of your PC into the url field of your browser. Optionally, you have to enter a username/password, so that only authorized people have access. If both devices are inside the same WLAN, the local IP will do, otherwise you need your "internet IP", which can be checked by Nemp.

If you want to restrict the access to the local network, this is possible. If you want to grant access from everywhere, you have to forward the used Port (default 80) to your PC on your router.

This will look like this:


This is not secure in a cryptographic sense. There is no https, and username/password are not encrypted. But it should not be possible for others to access other files than the tracks of your library. The links to your files are just "IDs", not full filenames. If Nemp can't find amatching file in the library, there will be no download at all.

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