Metadata is additional information in the music files, often called ID3 tags. However, ID3 tags are only a certain format to store metadata in the files, which is mainly used in mp3 files.

Nemp 4.6 supports the following formats for metadata

  • ID3 tags (version 1, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4)
  • Ogg Vorbis comments
  • Flac metadata
  • Apev2 tags
  • iTunes tags

Not fully supported are metadata in wma files. Nemp can read this data, but cannot edit it.

Depending on the format, information of varying complexity can be stored in the metadata. The most common ones like artist, title, album, genre, release year and track number are possible in practically all formats, but of course they are not present in all files.

Audio Metadata

Metadata also includes information such as duration, sample rate and bit rate. These data are usually not stored in the changeable "ID3 tags", but are part of the audio data itself or have to be calculated from other information.

Nemp supports the extraction of these audio metadata in many formats more or less completely. These include common formats such as mp3, ogg, flac, ape and m4a. In other file formats the evaluation of these data may be incomplete, even if they are supported by the playback engine and can therefore be played.