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Nemp 4.9.1
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28.08.2018 Nemp 4.9.1

New in version 4.9.1

  • Performance of the G15 display app significantly improved and thereby greatly reduced the CPU load.
18.08.2018 Nemp 4.9.0

New in version 4.9.0

  • Memory-saving loading and saving of the media library. With that, a lot bigger music collections should be managable with Nemp - up to 1.000.000 titles should be no problem now.
  • Log file for the playlist: When was which title played?
  • Setting: Remove missing files from the media library on start
  • new Skin ("Blue)" available

Bug fixes:

  • "Remove missing files" removed always missing playlist files, even if the ones from devices currently not connected.
  • fixed a possible Deadlock on "clear cover cache"
04.03.2018 Nemp 4.8.0

A new version with a few minor improvements

New features

  • Support for SoundFont files to play MIDI files.
  • Marking of files possible (1/2/3). This is only stored in the media library, not in the ID3 tags
  • For nerds: Parameter /close. Calling "nemp.exe /close" terminates the running instance. The previously added file CloseNemp.exe is no longer needed.


  • Search slimmed down: no longer split into two lists for quick search, as well as "Refine Search" and "Extend Search" removed for detailed search
19.11.2017 Nemp 4.7.1

And directly a little bugfix update: When browsing playlists in the media library an error message popped up quite often.

10.11.2017 Nemp 4.7.0

After a long time again a somewhat bigger update

New features

  • Search in the playlist. Next hit with F3, Enter marks everything, Shift+Enter plays the currently selected track
  • Option: In Repeat track playback mode, play only the current entry in a cuesheet, not the entire file.
  • Option: Weighted random play. Highly rated titles in the playlist are more likely to be selected for playback than those with low ratings (or vice versa)
  • Option: Default cover selectable (displayed if no cover was found)


  • Minor changes to the GUI of the tag cloud
  • Settings window revised. All options are always displayed. However, some of these were sorted more sensibly and a little bit purified. Some old and very rarely used options are gone, some others have been added.
  • Changes to some standard settings that were relics of the past and caused confusion rather than clarity.

Bug fixes

  • The app for the keyboard display now shows the current title when playing Web radio, and not permanently the title that was active when the stream was started (if the channel is sending appropriate metadata)
  • Setting in the display app "Start display app with Nemp" is now correctly accepted by Nemp
  • More reliable storage of window positions when switching between compact view and single window mode
  • Some webstreams seemed to block Nemp, fixed by a dedicated HTTP user agent instead of the bass. dll standard.
  • last. fm Sessionkey was saved incorrectly after a change in the service
04.12.2016 Nemp 4.6.3

After a long, long time comes a little Update for Nemp - mainly bug fixes

  • The search for lyrics works again
  • Changing playback speed without Micky-Mouse-Effect didn't work for mp3 files
  • Bitrate and duration for some odd mp3 variants was wrong
  • Drag&Drop didn't work properly in some situations
  • Moving separate windows led to a chaotiv behavior in some cases
  • some causes for a crash should be resolved
26.04.2013 Nemp 4.6.2

Fixed a bug in the webserver regarding char encoding. Now all characters should be displayed correctly, and the search function should work.

21.03.2013 Nemp 4.6.1

Just some little changes and bug fixes for Nemp - have fun!