... on my little page - the home of my mp3 player Nemp.

Nemp is an Mp3 player for Windows with a strong media library for managing even larger music collections. Besides many standard features, Nemp also offers a few other functions that are not found everywhere, e.g.

  • an integrated web server for remote control of the player, as well as some gadgets like
  • a birthday function that automatically interrupts the playlist for a birthday song at the specified time.

Download directly here, more about the player on the Nemp page.

Download Nemp

Download Download Nemp 4.12.2

Nemp is open source software and optimized for Windows 7-10. It runs without installation (if you wish) and doesn't change anything at all in the music files without prior consent. Since version 4.12 Nemp is offered as installation package by default. The old method (Zip archives) is also still available.


24.10.2019 Nemp 4.12.2

There was another little bug like in version 4.11.1 which caused trouble on some systems. Now this kind of error should really not occur anymore ...

Version 4.12.2b makes just a few GUI adjustments for a better fit of the new russian translation, which is also now included.

11.10.2019 Nemp 4.12.1

fixed possible exception while scanning for new files

05.10.2019 Nemp 4.12.0

News/Changes in Version 4.12

  • Smoother scanning of metadata: the player remains responsive while searching for new files.
  • Added "Wobble Playback" to the effects


  • When re-reading all files, the main window behaved strangely with regard to resizing.
  • Under certain circumstances it came to an unnecessary download of Coverart from the Internet
  • Under very rare circumstances, parts of the metadata were unexpectedly overwritten.
  • fixed icon for playlists in explorer, and (kinda) file type registration
15.09.2019 Nemp 4.11.1

Fixed a bug that prevented Nemp from starting on some systems.

10.09.2019 Nemp 4.11.0

The main change is the variable layout of the main window, which can be adapted to your own requirements using the Form Designer. However, this caused further changes.

  • redesign of the control panel, which is now more similar to those in other players and should therefore be more intuitive
  • Controls for effects and equalizers moved to a separate window
  • Control for main playback and headphones now share some control elements; toggle via the buttons on the left side of the control panel
  • Removed the lyrics display for the current title. Instead, optional display of lyrics (instead of cover) for selected title in playlist and media list.

In addition, some changes to the skin system became necessary or useful.

  • Background graphics can be defined for individual areas, with various options for alignment
  • Adjustability of some further colors, also in " extended skin system ", e.g. the font color in the lists
  • Bouncing bars in the taskbar preview removed. Instead more space for the title information and a small progress bar.

Other changes

  • Selection of sleep mode no longer via a deeply nested menu but via a separate window
  • Minor changes to the display of titles in the playlist
  • Deskband for Windows XP removed from the archive. It is still supported in principle, but since Nemp is no longer fully compatible with Windows XP, this is just unnecessary ballast.
15.07.2019 Nemp 4.10.0

Some small details required relatively extensive changes to the source code. I hope that everything works again - better than before.

  • improved display of progress for longer lasting operations (updating library, searching lyrics, ...)
  • using https instead of http (where it is possible)
  • fixed and improved lyric search
  • Party Mode is more restricted now, fixed some display issues
  • a few mean bug fixes (some uncommon sequences of clicking buttons could have lead to crashing the player)
  • fixed possible (but rather unlikely) data loss when getting lyrics or extended tags
  • removing playlist files from the media library did not work
09.02.2019 Nemp 4.9.2

New in version 4.9.2

  • Fixed some issues with the displayed titles in the media list
  • setting how the display of “marked files” works
  • Quicksearch saves now the 10 most recent search terms
  • Display of the current IP adresses in the settings dialog of the web server
28.08.2018 Nemp 4.9.1

New in version 4.9.1

  • Performance of the G15 display app significantly improved and thereby greatly reduced the CPU load.