Nemp is a music player with integrated media library. The files in the media library are sorted by different criteria and displayed well arranged. A listing by artist and album is possible as well as by directory structure, year of release or genre.

Playback is controlled centrally via the playlist. This playlist can be filled directly via the media library. Files that are not contained in the media library can also be added and then played.

The quick search of the media library delivers the desired results even in larger collections while typing. Controlling the player via smartphone or tablet is possible via the integrated web server - more or less restricted depending on the configuration.

The appearance of the player can be customized via skins, and the arrangement of the individual areas is configurable. Some gimmicks like scrobbling, a birthday timer, a sleep timer as well as some audio effects complete the player.

"Noch ein mp3-Player" translates to "Yet another mp3-player".

This documentation was mainly translated with the help of I hope it is reasonably understandable and does not contain too much gibberish.